The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a 1831 French Romantic Gothic novel by Victor Hugo. It is supposed to be set in the Late Middle-Ages during the reign of King Louis XI.

Synopsis Edit

Many years later, someone opens the tomb and attempts to separate Quasimodo's and Esmeralda's bones, but ends up making them crumble to dust.

Movie Adaptation Edit

Book Movie
Quasimodo is an unnamed orphan who was abandoned on the steps of Notre Dame at birth by his mother and adopted by Frollo willingly. Frollo killed Quasimodo's parents and attempted to do the same thing with their son, but was condemned by the Archdeacon, who told Frollo to repent by raising Quasimodo on his own.
Phoebus falls in love with Esmeralda. However, he has a reputation for being a monstrous womanizer. He supposedly is killed by Claude Frollo after the latter of the two is drived into jealousy. Phoebus actually loves Esmeralda instead of being a womanizer. They eventually marry and have a son named Zephyr in the sequel.
Quasimodo is deaf from ringing the bells for so long. He only has one eye. Quasimodo is not deaf and can hear well. In fact, only some of his eye is covered and can hear perfectly.
Esmeralda is sixteen years old. Esmeralda is in her twenties.
Frollo is the archdeacon of Notre Dame Frollo and the Archdeacon are separate characters. In this film, Frollo is a judge and the Minister of the French Justice Court
Victor, Hugo and Laverne don't come to life like they do in the film. Victor, Hugo and Laverne exist and serve as Quasimodo's best and only friends.
Frollo named Quasimodo after "Quasimodo Sunday". Quasimodo was named for his deformity, where his name literally means "half-formed".
He laughs at Esmeralda's hanging during the woman's final moments. An enraged Quasimodo throws Frollo off the tower of Notre Dame, while ignoring his adopted father's pleas for help. Frollo's death is different between adaptations. Frollo falls to his death and falls into a fiery pit while attempting to murder Esmeralda and Quasimodo.
In the book, Quasimodo's real parents switched their babies and stole Esmeralda. Esmeralda's mother later left Quasimodo on the steps of Notre Dame.  The film ignores all these details.